„Turkey-thieves” got caught on tape

Conservationists and filmmakers follow the lives of Imperial Eagles through hidden cameras from their warm and cozy homes. They are not alone. More than 90.000 other people also chose to watch their everyday life in the Jászság area. The cameras were deployed by MME and Filmjungle.eu Society in collaboration with Hortobágyi National Park. While watching the live show, filmmakers noticed something strange happening.

„Kittenberger” is back – story of a posioned and successfully rehabilitated Eastern Imperial Eagle

Another case of bird crime was revealed again last week. A local hunter found a poisoned Imperial Eagle in very bad condition, in the Duna-Ipoly National Park. Due to the finder and conservation organizations acting quick, the bird’s life could be saved in the Budapest Zoo.

First successes of the fight to eliminate bird crime and poaching

Positive trends may show in the procedure to stop bird crime and poaching: arraignment on nature damaging charges, final judgement in animal cruelty and arraignment on charges of animal cruelty. Conservation organizations and hunting associations welcome this development, as more than hundred cases remained unrevealed to which more than thousand birds fell victim.

Collaboration to preserve diversity in agricultural areas

Habitat degradation in agricultural areas is a common thing all over Europe. Changes in agrarian landscapes have induced irreversible processes in communities of different bird species, of which we already reported on our website. Earlier this was confined to Western Europe, but nowadays this phenomenon has reached Hungary as well, causing a reduction in populations of common birds in the past few decades.


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