Italian Nature Conservation Police visiting Hungary within Helicon LIFE+ programme

Christina Avanzano visited Hungary within the framework of an international exchange programme between police services of the EU. She works for the Corpo Forestalle dello Stato (CFS) in Italy.

Since her hosting institute, the National Bureau of Investigation is a partner in the HELICON LIFE+ programme she had a chance to visit the headquarters of MME and meet experts working in the conservation of the Imperial Eagle.

Dr. Szentirmai Olivér alezredes (Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda) és Christina Avanzo (Corpo Forestale dello Stato)
Dr. Olivér Szentirmai lieutenant-colonel (NBI) and Christina Avanzo (CFS) at the
headquarters of MME 
(Photo: Zoltán Orbán)


During, one and a half hours long conversation, we informed our Italian colleague about the situation in Hungary regarding raptor poisoning cases and we could compare the situation between the two countries. As we found out, poisoning occurs in Italy for different reasons. Local landowners use poisoned baits against the dogs of illegal truffle-seekers, stray dogs, foxes, wolves and bears that threaten their livestock.

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