A diary in style: Spies on nest-guarding duty at Imperial Eagles’ nest

Attila, a well-known rocker from Miskolc, undertook a quest in May to move out to the puszta to guard eagles there. He wrote a diary, but since he has been participating in a 300 km-long walking trip over eleven days called Rockmaraton or „El Rockamino”, his posts can be read on the wbeblog called Kapanyél maintained by the Lángoló Gitárok and the Cser Publisher.

MME LIFE+ projects and Natura 2000 programmes on the 23. FeHoVa exhibition

The Fishing, Hunting and Arms International Exhibition was organised the 23rd time this year. The event was held  in Budapest between 18-21. February 2016, and BirdLife Hungary (MME) took part in it as an exhibitor.  270 exhibitors of 12 countries took part in creating the biggest FeHoVa exhibition ever. It’s huge success can be measured by the over 62 thousand visitors.


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