Even youngsters can help Imperial Eagle conservation

Within the framework of HELICON LIFE+ project, MME in collaboration with the BOOKR Kids Mesetár published a tale titled “Sas és ember” (Eagle and man) in digital form.

The tale is free to download from the App Store:  https://goo.gl/nLz9fd and Google Play: https://goo.gl/kaaCNd to tablets and smart phones.

One of the recent recognitions of modern nature conservation is that it cannot be effective without the involvement of the wider public. In this context, the most crucial and the toughest task at the same time how we approach and involve the young generation, prospective decision-makers and farmers of the near future.

Regarding birds of prey of Hungary, the major threat, which made decision-makers of the European Union show their support, is illegal activities committed against raptors, particularly the high numbers of poisoning cases. Unfortunately, this strongly affects one the EU’s rarest and most precious bird of prey species, the Imperial Eagle, Hungarian population of which constitutes 75% of the whole European population. One of the most important tasks of the HELICON LIFE+ project serving the protection of Imperial Eagle running from 2012 through 2016, is to persuade concerned target groups of agriculture and game keeping sector. Since succession of these professions traditionally based on following family patterns, it has utmost importance to reach out to children, one of the main target groups and prospective future farmers to offer them the possibility to gain experience, impressions and sound knowledge about living organisms they will be in contact when they grow up, and the protection of which will be in their hands.

BOOKR Kids is a digital library with an aim to help children to love reading. Among its nearly hundred tales, kids can find both richly illustrated classics, which are filled with exciting surprises and exercises (A két Lotti, Kincskereső kisködmön) and modern day stories (A Játékkészítő, Angry Birds). “Sas és ember”, a poetic tale written recently by Ervin Aranyosi, Katalin Bodnár and Márton Horváth perfectly fits the line with its main goal to raise awareness of Imperial Eagle, other birds,  animals and their important role they play in the nature. The tale printed earlier is now available as an audio book with János Papp’s fantastic narration. It is freely downloadable (App Store: https://goo.gl/nLz9fd Google Play: https://goo.gl/kaaCNd) and further supplemented by an interactive game and tree and crop quizzes.

„Sas és ember” can be downloaded from the digital library of BOOKR Kids and it is related to the interactive exhibition and nature trails of the Eagle Centre and Jászberény ZOO found in Jászberény.

Zoltán Orbán - Katalin Bodnár

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