MME LIFE+ projects and Natura 2000 programmes on the 23. FeHoVa exhibition

The Fishing, Hunting and Arms International Exhibition was organised the 23rd time this year. The event was held  in Budapest between 18-21. February 2016, and BirdLife Hungary (MME) took part in it as an exhibitor.  270 exhibitors of 12 countries took part in creating the biggest FeHoVa exhibition ever. It’s huge success can be measured by the over 62 thousand visitors.

The BirdLife Hungary (MME) stall (Photo: Zoltán Orbán).


Over the 4 days of the event, visitors had a chance to talk to MME staff and volunteers about:

  • Illegal poisoning of raptors as part of the Helicon Imperial Eagle LIFE+ project.
  • The new LIFE+ project on the conservation of European rollers in the Carpathian Basin.
  • The relationship between rooks and red-footed falcons studied by the Red-footed Falcon LIFE+ project.
  • The Swiss-Hungarian SH/4/8 project on the sustainable conservation of Hungarian Natura 2000 sites. This project has now reached a stage where project staff seek the attention and opinion of the stakeholder hunting, fishing communities and nature enthusiast. The protection of ground nesting birds is highly related to the mammalian predator populations (e.g. foxes) so a good relationship with the game conservation community is very important in the areas affected by the project.
  • Last, but not least another Swiss-Hungarian project SH/4/10, that is most concerned about raising the awareness of the wider public, land owners, teachers and young people in relation to Natura 2000 sites.

As well as receiving information about the above mentioned projects, visitors also had the opportunity to acquire technical and educational publications relating to these projects.


Gabriella Göcző

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