Vultures in Africa and Europe could face extinction within our lifetime warn conservationists

The world’s biggest conservation partnership – BirdLife International – has announced that vultures have rapidly become one of the most threatened families of birds on the planet. In a bid to stop this important family of birds slipping towards extinction in Europe and Africa, they have launched a global campaign asking for public support to Stop Vulture Poisoning Now.

Successful participation of students from the Jászság

The Klapka György Elementary and Vocational School and Special School of Jászberény won the “Eco-School” title for the third time. Environmental education forms an integral part of its educational programme. It came natural for them to participate in the campaign of the Environment and Nature Protection, the National Association of Training Centres, which aimed to introduce and protect Natura 2000 areas.

"Pehelytoll" ("Downy") and "Kampóscsőr" ("Beaky") – Idyllic family life at the Imperial Eagles’

Conservationists could gladden all the fans of live webcams with a footage about the life of the eagles’ never seen before. Since a few hours, anyone can enjoy watching the life of an Imperial Eagle pair and hope for the fledglings to leave the nest without problems.


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