Successful participation of students from the Jászság

The Klapka György Elementary and Vocational School and Special School of Jászberény won the “Eco-School” title for the third time. Environmental education forms an integral part of its educational programme. It came natural for them to participate in the campaign of the Environment and Nature Protection, the National Association of Training Centres, which aimed to introduce and protect Natura 2000 areas.

Minimum condition was a poster, “Power Point” presentation and any other product which proved joint research work. A two-month preparation preceded the campaign when information was gathered about Natura 2000, characteristics of the areas and the need for protection.

Members of the Jászság team and their mentor, Kati (Photo: Ákos Horváth).


Among the Natura 2000 areas of the Jászság the Borsóhalmi-legelő site SPA was chosen which gives home to the endangered Imperial Eagle. The school has been doing practical bird conservation for years, so for the students it was easy to choose both the area and their motto from Albert Tóth: “Protection of the landscape and its treasures can only be done with the intimate knowledge of it”.

Working together as a team while doing research during the preparation was an amazing experience for all of them. Everybody took part to his best capabilities. They read books, searched through magazines, listened to lectures and browsed the internet for any useful information. Besides these, they also went out to the field and studied the habitat of Red-footed Falcons, Rollers and Imperial Eagles. Important part of the research were the field trips helping to get to know the wildlife of the Borsóhalmi-legelő site SPA and they got first-hand experience about the Imperial Eagle Visitor Centre being built at that time. Later, they created a Power Point presentations including the data they collected, also made a poster and a NATURA booklet with lots of drawings and interesting text on 70 pages.

Our introduction was a success in the regional campaign, which was held on June 16th in Somoskőújfalu. We presented our finished material in the school, the local Green Student Parliament, our poster was uploaded to the website of Jászberény and it was part of a travelling exhibition, as well. Our success is not only in the place we reached (2nd locally, 5-6th regionally), but in all the experience this small team gained, while fighting for respect for differences.



  • Tibor Versegi 10th grade
  • Dániel Bucsi 11th grade
  • Judit Somodi 11th grade
  • Levente Horváth 12th grade
  • Ádám Árpád Kis 12th grade


Gulyás Sándorné mentor teacher
leader of the eco-project

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