„Gabi”, the world traveller comes home

As we already reported about her, Gabi, one of our satellite-tagged Imperial Eagles, whose transmitter stopped working, was identified with binoculars last January in Pantelleria, Italy. Later, her adventures proved to be even more exciting..

Renaud de Rosa took some photos of an Imperial Eagle wearing a transmitter from a photographers’ hide in the Hortobágyi National Park on April 30th, 2014. However, checking the data of birds with properly working transmitters, it was clear that none of them could be the bird on the picture. MME’s experts eventually came to the conclusion after having studied the pictures that this particular eagle can only be Gabi, who seemed to be lost and now found again.  

"Gabi" with transmitter (Photo: Renaud de Rosa).


Main stages in the three-year-old Gabi’s life:

  • she went down straight to Greece after fledging in 2012;
  • from there she flew 500 km over the Mediterranean Sea to North Africa; and then she crossed the Sahara covering 3000 km to reach Ghana, where she stayed for the winter.
  • her transmitter went bad in 2013;
  • she was later seen and identified on the island of Pantelleria by photos taken between April 2013 and January 2014; she had spent nine months in the company of a Steppe Eagle, when she disappeared again.
  • Renaud de Rosa took pictures of an Imperial Eagle wearing a transmitter while in a photographic hide in the Hortobágyi National Park. It turned out that the bird could only be Gabi who had been lost for a while by then. She covered more than ten thousand km visiting 16 countries!

"Gabi" ’s tracks till her transmitter failed to send signals (Resource: satellitetracking.eu).


She is expected to find her own territory, where we may be able to identify her again, and we could try to catch her to remove the transmitter.


Márton Horváth – Zoltán Orbán

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