Satellite-tagged Panni conquered the northwestern part of the Carpathian Basin

Panni the satellite-tagged Imperial Eagle has visited 12 countries already. She was born in Heves County in 2011 and has become famous after having been robbed from the nest at the age of a few days. She has been wandering around the borderland of Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary since June.

Recovered Imperial Eagle was released after being poisoned

Associates of the Hortobágyi National Park and the Budapest ZOO  released an Imperial Eagle after its recovery. The bird was found near Báránd on June 26th, workers of the local government spotted her first, acting strange in an alfalfa field. Later turned out that she probably consumed from poisoned bait, which must have been put out intentionally. There was another Imperial Eagle poisoned in the area in 2009, already.

Birds of Prey on the new series of stamps and stamp block of the Magyar Posta

The Magyar Posta exhibits Hungary’s wildlife on series of stamps and stamp blocks every year. This year’s choice is Birds of Prey. The series that accompany the block depicts in their rising conservation value the Imperial Eagle, the White-tailed Eagle, The Red-footed Falcon and the Saker Falcon while the Common Buzzard being the Bird of the Year of 2012 is on the block itself.

20 years of LIFE! – Muster of our most precious natural values

The European Union launched its LIFE programme, a funding instrument to support environmental policy 20 years ago, in 1992. Due to its co-financed projects the Hungarian populations of the Red-footed Falcon, the Great Bustard and the Saker Falcon have increased; the Hungarian Meadow Viper has escaped extinction, environmentally compatible habitat management of grasslands has been revived as well as the wildlife of the alkaline steppes of the Hortobágy.

Raptor killings at a scale never seen before during the first quarter year

Direct persecution of protected and strictly protected species of Birds of Prey was always a problem in Hungary. In the first months of the year, this has reached a level never experienced before. During this period, 72 victims of protected and strictly protected species have turned up already. The combined conservation value of them is more than 20 million forints, but the real number is most likely multiple of this.


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