Poisoned Barn Owl at Kishantos

„ Due to those damn chemicals, a Barn Owl, one of the most beautiful and interesting bird in the world, fell victim near Kishantos, a place once free of chemicals.

KPM’s workers on garbage duty found the bird perching in a ditch near the entrance to Kishantos. It could not move, only struggled. We took this remarkable bird to an animal hospital, where pesticide poisoning was diagnosed.

There is no antidote for pesticides, we just hope it did not get lethal dose of it…

Even if it recovers, breeding this year is out of question…four to five chicks will not hatch. Nature does not have a chance to survive, since chemical agricultural practice kills everything… people do not follow the most elementary rules (e.g. avoiding spraying in wind, or close to living water bodies or houses.

Barbaric approach and we can do nothing about it” – Wrote Mrs. Sándor Ács on her facebook page.


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