HELICON programme awaits those who are interested on the Open Day of the Day of Birds and Trees in the Jókai-garden in May 10th, 2014

The BirdLife Hungary (MME) and the Duna Ipoly National Park welcome the nature lovers on their free event. Among other interesting programmes, raptor conservation and Helicon programme aiming to reduce poisoning against Imperial Eagles will play a central role. Linked to this latter, Falco the poison searching dog will also participate and present its investigation game involving multiple actors to the delight of kids and adults, as well.

MME’s stand in the Jókai garden (Photo: MME archive).


MME’s programmes

10.00-11.00: Presentation about the current situation of the poisoning of Imperial Eagles
(site: Pavilion, lecturer: Dr. Márton Horváth HELICON LIFE+ programme)

10.00-12.00: Bird Ringing Exhibition
Resighting or recapturing ringed birds reveal a lot about their lives, notably their movements and migration. Interested people can find out about the tools, nets, rings used for ringing.

11.30-14.30: Investigate with Helicon, the Eagle what happened!
Strategy game for both the young and the adult. Associates of the Investigation office help participants to orientate between the characters and scenes. Among those who fill out the investigation form, we will draw lots for T-shirts depicting raptors (five pieces).

13.00-13.30: Dogs in bird conservation?
Introduction of Falco, MME’s poison searching dog, and demonstration of his work.

15.00-17.00: Checking the artificial nests in the Jókai-garden (guided tour)
Observation of the breeding of hole-nesting songbirds (“chick-muster”).

10.00-18.00: Introduction of the Bird-Friendly Garden programme
Visitors can get a first-hand experience with bird conservation tools, like nesting holes, feeders, artificial nests, wasp-garage, swallow-diaper, etc.
“Birds’ feathers game” – Identification of feathers and birds
How much do you know about the Bird of the Year?
Nest-guess: Watching nests and pairing up with birds

10.00-18.00: Introduction of raptor conservation tools
Nest-boxes, insulations, T-perches, transmitters. Fridge Magnets, depicting Imperial Eagles, will be offered to anyone who fills out the raptor quiz perfectly.

10.00-18-00: Toddlers’ Playhouse
Children, attending kindergarten and elementary school, can get to know practical bird protection and the basics of Natura 2000 with the help of wooden puzzle and memory games. Older ones can also try how to use stork and goose legs to walk.


MME store

CDs, DVDs, books, bird-friendly tools, observation tools, and gifts can be bought at the store.


Programmes of the Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate:

  • Familiarization with the work and products of DINPI
  • Point collecting games in relation to nature at several sites
  • Introduction of the Jókai Garden (guided tours)
  • Beetle Market (selling products carrying the trademark of the national park)
  • Keve András Ornithology and Nature Conservation Library: showcasing rare books, periodicals like the originals of the Aquila (since 1894) and the works of Herman Ottó.
  • Library Board Game (during the event the Library will be turned into a board game filled with interesting tasks.

Those who visit the most stations and actively participate in solving games and tasks will get stamps in their point collecting booklet. The stamps can be changed to gifts.

The Jókai Memorial Room can be visited for 250 forints during the event.

Location: Jókai Garden, Budapest XII., Költő street 21.

Date: May 10th (Saturday), 2014 10.00-18.00


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