HELICON LIFE+ project is at the 22nd FeHoVa (Arms, Angling and Hunting International Exhibition)

The 22nd Arms, Angling and Hunting International Exhibition was held at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center again, between February 12th-15th. MME also participated in this event with its HELICON LIFE+ Programme.

Associates and volunteers of MME and the HELICON programme had informed interested people about issues like recent cases of poisonings, and the work HELICON had done, in all four days, when the Hungexpo was open.

The posters and project publications (lefalet, poster, storybook etc.) about the life of
Imperial Eagle and poisoning helped a lot to introduce the HELICON LIFE+ Programme
to the general public (Photos: Zoltán Orbán).


Zoltán Orbán

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