Everyday life of the Jászság eagle feeding station can be followed online

This is the third consecutive winter we have been able to follow the behaviour of the birds visiting the feeding station maintained within the HELICON LIFE+ programme.

The winter has been uncommonly mild so far that we started provisional feeding just recently, nevertheless, already a good variety of species turned up here. Among the first visitors, magpies, hooded crows and ravens arrived sometimes up to a few dozens. It didn’t take long for the Common Buzzards to appear, as well when they noticed this “noisy crowd” taking over the station. Based on our observations, a few adult imperial eagles also paid visits to the station already, which is a rare event. Fortunately, juvenile and immature imperial and white-tailed eagles found this place offering an easy meal too while they wander around the Carpathian Basin searching for food. Having exceptionally sharp eyes they can see the busy life at the station from great distances.

Providing safe food source within the framework of our EU funded programme, our aim is to keep as many raptors that winter in the area near the station as we can. This has great importance for these majestic, protected birds of prey as they find shelter from illegal human activities such as poisoning and shooting. Furthermore, their chance is better to avoid electrocution or collision with vehicles.

In order to watch what happens at the feeding station, you do not need to do anything else
but to visit the website of the programme (www.imperialeagle.hu) and click on the webcam
icon or the photo above. Enjoy the show!


Imre Fatér – Márton Horváth


Kawhi Leonard Leaving Jordan Brand

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