Imperial Eagle was shot near Túrkeve

A young Imperial Eagle was shot dead with a shot-gun near the town, Túrkeve. The incident happened in February, but the cause of death got only revealed now. The perpetrator may face up to three years of prison. The Hortobágyi National Park pressed charges against the perpetrator for damaging nature- Ákos Monoki, associate of the HNP, said.

MME’s new LIFE programme to fight bird crime has started

Crime against birds showed a dramatic increase in the past few years. MME was awarded financial support by the EU’s LIFE conservation fund hand in hand with eight other partner organizations. The goal of the project is to stop the persecution of birds, primarily the Imperial Eagles. We held our first press conference of the five-year program in the headquarters of the National Investigation Office.

Bird of the Year remains protected

A long lasting debate participated by MME accepting the invitation of the Ministry of Rural Development has been settled. The multilateral agreement signed by hunting and game management organizations too acknowledges that species like the Common Buzzard, the Marsh Harrier, the Raven, the Turtle Dove, the Fieldfare, the Quail and the Beech Marten keep their protected status, while the Least Weasel becomes one.

Eagle Inventory – 2012 winter

After summing up the data of the 9th National Eagle Count results show that the wintering numbers of Eagles have not changed much since last year. The Count was organized by MME and was done in collaboration with other NGOs and Directorates of National Parks. 241 participants covered about 11,500 square kilometers, which included all the important wintering areas of all the Eagles species.


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