New chapter starts in the fight against poisoning of eagles

Although, fight against illegal bird poisoning may seem to be tilting at windmills, fortunately close cooperation of stakeholders has greatly improved the situation in recent years. MME/Birdlife Hungary had coordinated the EU and government funded Helicon Life programme between 2012 and 2016, which aimed to reduce poisoning of the Imperial Eagle.

"Falco" the detection dog also helps the LIFE projects to recover GPS-tagged birds

Another, satellite-tracked Saker Falcon was electrocuted, this time in Slovakia. The case was revealed by the bird's transmitter. So far, six adult Saker Falcons have received GPS-based tracking devices in the frame of the conservation project "Securing prey sources for endangered Falco cherrug and Aquila heliaca populations in the Carpathian basin” (RAPTORSPREYLIFE) LIFE13 NAT/HU/000183, supported by the European Union.

A diary in style: Spies on nest-guarding duty at Imperial Eagles’ nest

Attila, a well-known rocker from Miskolc, undertook a quest in May to move out to the puszta to guard eagles there. He wrote a diary, but since he has been participating in a 300 km-long walking trip over eleven days called Rockmaraton or „El Rockamino”, his posts can be read on the wbeblog called Kapanyél maintained by the Lángoló Gitárok and the Cser Publisher.


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