7th International Imperial Eagle Conference – Bratislava, 2-5th October, 2013

The 7th International Imperial Eagle Conference was held between October 2-5, 2013 in Bratislava. The event was very popular among experts, some 43 of them participated from ten countries giving 18 talks and exhibiting five posters. Representatives from Hungary were as follows: János Bagyura, Gábor Deák, Imre Fatér, Márton Horváth from MME, Tibor Juhász, Ákos Monoki, Gábor Tihanyi a Hortobágyi National Park Directorate, Balázs Szelényi from Körös-Maros National Park Directorate together with József Fidlóczky, András Kovács, Mátyás Prommer és István Sándor.

On the first day of the conference, we heard presentations about the current situation and population trends of the species from the following countries: Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Russia and Kazakhstan. Participants were pleased to hear that due to systematic conservation measures of the past few decades numbers of the Imperial Eagle showed a slight increase in a few country. Illegal activities considered to be the biggest threat, however, electrocution takes its toll as well. Other sources of danger cannot be underestimated either: habitat degradation and fragmenting, wind farms, highway collisions. Strategic measures need to be planned and implemented in order to eliminate these problems. Satellite and radio transmitters, which were dealt in several presentations, contribute a great deal to know more about the species and to plan more effective actions in its conservation.

Participants of the conference (Photo: Imre Fatér).


The major item on the agenda of the second day was to commence the review of the current action plan. Experts discussed this matter in small groups and the results will be integrated in the new action plan, which may get finalized at the end of 2015. At night, attendants could take a guided tour in the centre of Bratislava organized by the Slovakian colleagues.

Part of the Hungarian representatives (Photo: Imre Fatér).


Last day we took a short trip to an Imperial Eagle nest in the Little Carpathians. During the excursion, “Falco” the Hungarian detection dog with his handler Gábor Deák could dazzle us with his superb skills in discovering poisoned birds and baits.

Field day ...

... Gábor Deák and "Falco" putting on a show (Photos: Imre Fatér).


Organizers announced a drawing contest for children of all the schools of the Visegrad countries about the Imperial Eagle before the conference. Therefore, besides lectures and talks, judging was part of the day’s agenda, as well. Hungarian children achieved good results among the 59 entries. Bence Oláh finished third place in above ten years old category, while Botond Csintó tied in first place under ten years old category.

Drawings of under ten years old, ...

... and above ten years old categories (Photos: Imre Fatér).


All participants agreed to hold the next international conference in 2018 in Russia.


The RPS was the host organization of the event in cooperation with the Checz Society for Ornithology and MME. The Visegrad Fund in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment of Slovakia provided financial support to the conference.


Imre Fatér – Márton Horváth

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