Bird of the Year remains protected

A long lasting debate participated by MME accepting the invitation of the Ministry of Rural Development has been settled. The multilateral agreement signed by hunting and game management organizations too acknowledges that species like the Common Buzzard, the Marsh Harrier, the Raven, the Turtle Dove, the Fieldfare, the Quail and the Beech Marten keep their protected status, while the Least Weasel becomes one.

Eagle Inventory – 2012 winter

After summing up the data of the 9th National Eagle Count results show that the wintering numbers of Eagles have not changed much since last year. The Count was organized by MME and was done in collaboration with other NGOs and Directorates of National Parks. 241 participants covered about 11,500 square kilometers, which included all the important wintering areas of all the Eagles species.

Bird of the year 2012: The Common Buzzard, our most common raptor is the most common victim of illegal poisoning incidents as well

The Common Buzzard is the commonest, most widespread raptor species both in lowlands and mountainous areas. They are usually mistakenly believed to be “eagles” by the general public. Since they prefer perching next to busy highways and roads taking advantage of the managed (grazed or mowed) grassy habitats running parallel to those, many people can see them basically everywhere. However, it was not always, like that.


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